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The archaeological project in Jesolo started in 2011, following permission from the Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities, is financed by the Municipal Administration of Jesolo and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and is being developed in collaboration with the Superintendency for Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Venice City and the Lagoon.

Scientific management:
Sauro Gelichi, Chair Professor of Medieval Archaeology, Department of Humanities – Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
In collaboration with:

  • University of Padua for geoarchaeological research: Paolo Mozzi, Sandra Primon.
  • University of Siena for geophysical surveys: Stefano Campana, Ken Saito
  • University of Umeå for micromorphological analyses: Johan Linderholm, Claudia Sciuto
  • Dendrodata laboratory (Verona) for dendrochronological analyses: Nicoletta Martinelli
  • Material Characterisation Lab, Dept. of Philosophy and Cultural Assets, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice for the photographs of finds and archaeometric analyses of vitreous finds: Lavinia de Ferri, Giulio Pojana, Davide Vallotto

Persons responsible for on-site research activities:
Silvia Cadamuro, Alessandra Cianciosi, Anita Granzo

Restoration of archaeological finds
Florence Caillaud, Archaeological Restoration Laboratory (Bologna)

Reconstruction plate of the insula Equilus between the 4th and 5th centuries: Studio Inklink by Simone Boni
We thank all members and collaborators of the Medieval Archaeology Teaching team for studying the materials: Monica Baldassarri, Francesca Bertoldi, Clelia De Negri, Margherita Ferri, Alessandra Forti, Silvia Garavello, Claudio Negrelli, Piera Allegra Rasia, Lara Sabbionesi, Carlotta Sisalli, Marco Vignola
and all the students, post-graduate students, PhD students and professionals who have taken part in the activities on site.